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From ADL Team Member… Aaron Silvers: The Definite & Indefinite Future of SCORM

In September of 2011, Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) spoke at Harvard Business School about innovation and entrepreneurship. He couched his thoughts on investment, in big terms, as the [Definite Future and the Indefinite Future]. Thiel argues that a definite future is one in which we choose one

From ADL Team Member… Jonathan Poltrack: Interested in Open Source SCORM Software?

The ADL Initiative is interested in creating open source versions of SCORM-related software. In 2011, ADL renewed its focus on research and development projects. This includes two major research areas

Updated SCORM Users Guides Available

In 2010-2011, ADL led the task of updating its previous SCORM Best Practices Guidelines documents. During the initial review of the existing guidelines, the team determined that two guides should be p