ADL Releases the Unity-SCORM Integration Toolkit Version 1.0 Beta

ADL is pleased to announce the release of the Unity-SCORM Integration Toolkit. The toolkit is the result of an ADL Technical Team research and development project that focused on using games and simulations as part of an e-learning curriculum. After an assessment of the most common questions submitted to the ADL Help Desk and after gathering additional requirements from 3rd party outreach efforts, we began a project to make creating SCORM-Conformant games and simulations efficient and cost effective. Unity was selected as the game development tool for our prototype due to its ability to create web-based content.

The Unity-SCORM Integration Toolkit allows Unity developers to use simple methods, provided by a “ScormManager” object, to set the SCORM Run-Time Data Model elements without having prior experience with SCORM. For example, developers are able to make simple calls like ScormManager.GetLearnerName() to get the user’s name from the LMS. In addition, the ScormManager can be used to set values including scores, objectives and interactions. For advanced users, the entire SCORM data model is available for use.

The Unity-SCORM Integration Toolkit also contains a packaging tool that can be used to create a simple SCORM Content Aggregation Package. The ScormManager and packaging tool support both SCORM Version 1.2 and SCORM 2004 4th Edition. With minor tweaks to the resulting package, SCORM 2004 2nd and 3rd Editions can also be supported.

The Unity-SCORM Integration Toolkit is a demonstration of how content developers can use a game engine to create SCORM-Conformant content. The source code is provided with the download and can be used by a 3rd party in their content and systems. In the future, ADL may release a version for open source development if a community need is identified.

For more information on the Unity-SCORM Integration Toolkit, see The Unity-SCORM Integration Toolkit Version 1.0 Beta.