ADL Initiative BAA – New submission window open for Personal Assistant for Learning (PAL) proposals

4 Sep 2014

The goal of this BAA is to provide a persistent capability by which learners have access to effective learning content and/or job performance aids that can be presented to users in a transparent manner, in a format suitable for their personal preferences, and accessed from multiple devices/platforms. To achieve this vision, multiple research areas must be investigated. Device Attributes to support customized content, a transparent user interface, persistent internet access, and wired or wireless power options. PAL Architecture that supports tracking learner experiences, adapting content, and integrating social media.

REMINDER - The Learning App Challenge deadline is 2 September!

19 Aug 2014

Attention App developers! The deadline to submit your entry for the third annual Learning App Challenge is less than two weeks away. ADL is accepting mobile learning Apps designed to support Education, Training, or Performance Support for adult learners or students in grades K-12 until 2 September 2014. The judges will evaluate the Apps and select the Challenge winners based on the following criteria: How well the App provides a learning solution to a stated problem; Technical quality of the App; and User experience and usability. Extra points will be awarded to Apps that integrate with an existing A

New Zealand welcomed into ADL Partnership Lab network

18 Aug 2014

It is with great pleasure that the ADL Initiative welcomes New Zealand as a new partner in the ADL Partnership Lab network. Lee Graham, Team Leader of the Training Technology Unit at the New Zealand Defence College, will serve as the Director. The new Partnership Lab will work collaboratively with the New Zealand Defence Force as part of the ADL Partnership Lab network's global efforts. Learn more at: New Zealand ADL Partnership Lab.

Invitation to join ADL's new "CoP Profiles" Group

30 Jul 2014

We are launching a new community effort that includes ISDs, learning designers, and developers who will work to identify and standardize how Experience API (xAPI) statements are expressed using the ADL xAPI vocabulary. The broader purpose of this new working group is to identify best practices for generating a community profile of the xAPI. The Group will hold a Webinar every 2 weeks on Tuesday, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (ET) beginning on 12 Aug