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As part of the research into a new learning platform, ADL is evaluating Application Programming Interface (API) technologies that solve issues resulting from the SCORM ECMAScript/JavaScript API. These problems include the cross-domain scripting problem and use of Web Services that use newer technology protocols that outdate JavaScript. The LETSI (Learning-Education-Training Systems Interoperability) RTWS (Run-Time Web Service) Group took a look at the limitations of the SCORM ECMAScript/JavaScript API and started an independent project to address known gaps. Their scope was small, but significant. Phase I of the LETSI RTWS project resulted in a web service API definition that maps to the SCORM 2004 API along with prototype source code and a developers guide. LETSI stated some clear goals for the RTWS project including:

  • Out-of-browser experiences
  • Offline and occasionally connected training
  • Removing cross-domain scripting limitations
  • Enabling delivery on alternative devices and formats
  • Security
  • Section 508 compliance
  • New business models

Research Summary

ADL is researching and prototyping the LETSI RTWS work with a focus on increasing learning systems’ capability by enabling the use of out-of-browser content such as simulators, games and virtual worlds.

The RTWS has now been integrated into the CMI5 project as the work by the LETSI group has been completed.

ADL intends to prototype the RTWS as specified in the LETSI developers guide to provide guidance to those using legacy systems.

Areas of concentration include:

  • Cross-Domain Solution: Solution to the ECMAScript API cross-domain scripting issue
  • Reporting: Gaining access to learners’ data after they have experienced content
  • Non-Web-Based Content: Tracking content that is not rendered in a browser
  • Repositories: Launching learning resources located on a content server and repository

ADL will then leverage these RTWS prototypes as a context for new API research and development. ADL will bend, twist and manipulate the LETSI RTWS API to perform functions required to support the use cases documented through the Future Learning Experience project. Prototypes will illustrate complex uses of the web service API to:

  • Adapt content based on competencies or global objectives
  • Allow instructor injects into learning content during execution
  • Support multiple learners in a virtual world scenario
  • Track learners’ data in several distributed systems
  • Integration with AICC CMI 5 to enable transfer to new types of data


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