Top Ten Interesting Mobile Statistics from July 2011

Every day, the Mobile Learning Team encounters an overwhelming numbers of stats about this fast moving industry. Chetan Sharma indicates in his latest industry report that the global mobile industry is now the most “vibrant” and “fastest growing industry” on the planet.

The mobile learning team pulled out our Top Ten most interesting stats and their sources from July:

1)     48 percent of smartphone buyers want an iPhone next, says survey. (ChangeWay)

2)     YouTube remains the single most popular mobile Internet destination, accounting for 22% of mobile data bandwidth usage and 52% of total video streaming. (Allot MobileTrends Report)

3)     Mobile phones are a main source of internet access for one-quarter of the smartphone population. (Pew Internet Project)

4)     Consumer time on mobile apps surpasses time on Web. (Flurry)

5)     Smartphones used for food shopping by 43 percent of US owners. (Deloitte, 2011 Consumer Food and Product Insights Survey Part Two)

6)     Study: 19 percent of people drop phones down toilet. (Plaxo)

7)     iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver’s pocket – and lives. (CNN)

8)     2.1bn HTML5 browsers will be on mobile devices by 2016. (ABI Research)

9)     Tablets generate 21% of mobile traffic to retailer sites. (Forrester)

10)Total Global Mobile Revenues to hit $1.3 Trillion, almost 2% of Global GDP (in 2011). (Chetan Sharma’s State of the Global Mobile Industry – Half Yearly Assessment 2011)

Also of interest are some of the infographics released. We found these to be interesting in July:

  • 6 problems with Mobiles in Education and 6 solutions. A viewpoint as infographic. (J A Hobson’s savingict)
  • The Internet of Things. (Cisco)
  • Is it a tech boom or a bubble? (FeeFighters & Kissmetrics)
  • The Mobile Platform Race – How do mobile platforms stack up?  (VisionMobile)

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