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The xAPI Overview

Broadly defined, the Experience API (xAPI) lets applications share data about human performance.  More precisely, xAPI lets you capture (big) data on human performance, along with associated instructional content or performance context information.  xAPI applies human (and machine) readable “activity streams” to tracking data and provides sub-APIs to access and store information about state and content.  This enables nearly dynamic tracking of activities from any platform or software system—from traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to mobile devices, simulations, wearables, physical beacons, and more.

xAPI can track micro-behaviors, state, and context such as…

  • Reading an article or interacting with an eBook
  • Watching a training video, stopping and starting it
  • Training data from a simulation
  • Performance in a mobile app
  • Chatting with a mentor
  • Physiological measures, such as heart-rate data
  • Micro-interactions with e-learning content
  • Team performance in a multi-player serious game
  • Quiz scores and answer history by question
  • Real-world performance in an operational context

xAPI is 100% free, open source, lightweight, and adaptable; it can be used to augment almost any performance assessment situation. It is currently being used in many LMSs, museums, flight simulators, firing ranges, and emergency medical services.

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