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Working Groups / xAPI Chinese Language:

The purposes of this Community of Practice (CoP) include:

  • Providing peer learning opportunities and conversations in Chinese language on xAPI and learning data analytics
  • Expanding the opportunity of xAPI implementation in the current systems for data driven learning and teaching strategy
  • Building consensus to record the same learning experiences consistently in different systems, tools and organizations with interoperability to international learning community
  • Aligning and exchanging ideas and experiences with other CoPs, for example, video CoP, eBook CoP, social learning CoP etc., to maintain consistency of xAPI vocabularies and profiles, except cases that aren't defined yet and special cases that result from Chinese language or society or culture
  • Deciding on how to verify and certify "xAPI-compliance" by Chinese CoP to ensure data quality and cleanness

Date Started: 12/15/2014

Group Page / Website:

Visit CoP Chinese Facebook Group
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