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The University of Wisconsin ADL Partnership Lab was founded in 2000 to serve as an independent node of the ADL Initiative operating inside of the University of Wisconsin-System. Since Spring 2010, the partnership lab has been housed within the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s division of Continuing Education Outreach and E-Learning (CEOEL) where it performs work with both internal and external partners. As an applied research and development center, the University of Wisconsin ADL Partnership Lab works to build the future of digital learning through an array of focused and broad based partnerships that span academic, corporate, and government organizations.

The University of Wisconsin Partnership Lab initiatives focus on:

  • Authentic Assessment
  • Learning Records for Competency Based Education
  • UX Design to Support Learning & Training

The following samples represent the University of Wisconsin Partnership Lab supported initiatives:



The University of Wisconsin ADL Partnership Lab’s mission is to increase educational attainment and improve learning experiences through digital media research and development, as well as to support advances in competency based education through the development of new technologies and novel implementations of existing tools and platforms. As a capability within the UW-Extension, the University of Wisconsin ADL Partnership Lab is also committed to supporting the Wisconsin Idea.



Andrea Deau is Co-Director of the University of Wisconsin ADL Partnership Lab, and also serves as the Information Technology Director at the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Continuing Education, Outreach & E-Learning (CEOEL) where she leads a growing IT organization that supports and develops the technical infrastructure for the University of Wisconsin-System’s Competency Based Education (the UW Flexible Option) and other online degrees and programs for adult learners. Before coming to the University of Wisconsin-Extension, she served as the director for academic technology services at Madison Area Technical College managing enterprise learning technologies, mobile and collaboration systems, and learning space technology support. Prior to her technical college work, she served as the WiscNet Education Technology Liaison at WiscNet (Wisconsin’s Research & Education Network) directing marketing and communication activities and building community among member institutions. She holds an MS in Educational Leadership and a BA in Education.

Moses Wolfenstein is Co-Director of the University of Wisconsin ADL Partnership Lab, and also serves as Senior Interaction Developer with the Media Services Team at CEOEL. As Co-Director, Moses primarily focuses on leading design and development of targeted partnership lab initiatives in addition to working with Andrea to build and sustain research and development partnerships. Moses holds a PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from University of Wisconsin-Madison where he worked with the Games+Learning+Society research group studying and designing games for learning. Moses was previously Associate Director of Research with the partnership lab prior to taking a hiatus to work as Creative Director for a Madison startup focused on developing games for adult and professional learning.


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