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Angela Gotch iFest Presentation

Assessing Mission Readiness via Map-Based Indicators in Realistic Training Environments

Angela Gotch

As our national defense faces increasingly challenging and ever-changing field conditions, special operations forces must be equipped with the most state-of-the-art mission readiness tools. For more than a decade, Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC) has combined its joint operational training experience and innovative geospatial engineering expertise to pioneer the development of the most advanced, realistic training environments available. EPIC Ready seeks to maximize individual and unit mission readiness by exposing all echelons of command to the most realistic training and exercise experience possible, enabling objective and comprehensive exercise performance measurement, and visually displaying map-based indicators of mission readiness through EPIC’s high-resolution 3D common layered geospatial environment. VATC’s EPIC ReadyTM Technology platform transforms the ability to assess mission readiness with three system elements: Digital Media Replicator creates the most realistic training experience possible, aggregates digital media information, and informs intelligence operators. Planning and Analysis System enables objective and comprehensive exercise performance measurement, improves return on investment, objectively measures training performance against mission objectives. Mission Readiness is determined from near real-time training performance reports. Common Database Builder provides enhanced geospatial visualization, a uniform training experience, visually displays map-based indicators of mission readiness through EPIC’s high-resolution 3D common layered geospatial environment.


Angela Gotch has more than 15 years of professional experience in geographic information systems (GIS) and technology. Before assuming her current position with VATC’s EPIC Division, Ms. Gotch supported US Special Operations Command’s Joint Intelligence Center as a Senior Mapping Analyst, collecting and analyzing geospatial intelligence data from a vast array of resources, briefing Intelligence Survey Teams, and presenting geospatial intelligence findings and critical decision support information for key leaders. Prior to her career in the defense sector, Ms. Gotch worked for the City of Cleveland Emergency Operation Center conducting pre-planning processes, supporting live incident management, and assessing service effectiveness, where she designed, tested, and implemented the city’s Enterprise GIS architecture. Ms. Gotch holds a Master of Science in Geography, a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources, and is certified as a GIS Professional by the GIS Certification Institute.


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