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Aaron E. Silvers

The Experience API (xAPI) expands the possibilities for learning analytics by providing the common means for systems to communicate with each other about learning activity. While xAPI makes it possible to acquire data about learners’ activities, this information provides little benefit if one cannot design to acquire meaningful data, interpret that data, or improve the learning design based on the insights gained from such data. Fortunately, Profiles are becoming available accelerate best practices and remove obstacles in creating and analyzing meaningful data.


Aaron E. Silvers works with leaders and teams to accelerate innovation, cost savings, and organizational effectiveness aligned with business objectives in high compliance environments. “A common theme throughout my 20-year career has been an embrace of emerging technology, creativity and entrepreneurialism that has me always charting a path toward the most potential opportunities for the benefit of all,” Aaron said.

An expert in learning technology with experiences as a CLO and other leadership and consulting roles, Aaron lives his passion for learning, collaboration and community building. He created the Data Interoperability Standards Consortium, building partnerships between government, military, business, higher education, and other trade groups, open-source efforts, and standards organizations to improve the practice of Learning & Development internationally and across industries. One project, xAPI, is now a de jure industry standard. Dave Gray, Founder at XPLANE, said of his work, “He puts his heart and soul into his work. He is a natural leader. And he makes things happen. Boy does he make things happen.”

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