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Dale Carpenter iFest Presentation

Data Sharing across the NPS Learning and Performance Ecosystem

Dale Carpenter

The NPS Learning and Performance Ecosystem (LPE) data architecture project began with the launch of the Common Learning Portal (CLP) in 2016. The CLP allows learners to easily find formal learning opportunities within 2-3 mouse clicks, enroll in courses, locate various informal learning resources, and share learning experiences with others through the built-in social learning network. The NPS LPE is being expanded in 2017 to include courses that are authored and launched directly from the CLPs WordPress backend; the integration of Moodle as a virtual classroom within the CLP framework and the integration with a Learning Record Store (LRS) that will share content and learner state data across the LPE system.

The NPS LPE provides a single sign-on, user-centric experience so that all user activities can be captured and tracked via xAPI. Data from the LRS is used to improve the learner experience and to measure the success of specific learning activities. Using all open-source tools, including the WordPress backend for the CLP, the NPS LPE system provides a cost-effective means for workforce learning.


Dale Carpenter currently serves as the Distance Learning program manager for the National Park Service (NPS).His prior background includes 20 years in the Army, 16 years in industry including CEO of a eLearning company; Project Manager for training systems for the US Army INSCOM, and Senior ISS (contractor) at the FBI Academy. Dale overseen the development of over 2500 hours of online courses that include the use of gaming technologies, microlearning design, and use of xAPI for tracking learning activities. His current focus is on the learning and performance ecosystems data architecture design and integration for the NPS Learning and Performance Ecosystem, which includes The Common Learning Portal where employees can find learning information and connect with others, and the integration of these systems with a Learning Record Store for creating and tracking microlearning events. Dale has a master’s degree in instructional technology from the University of Houston Clear Lake.


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