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CAPT David Herschel iFest Presentation

Replace Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) Smart Devices With More Secure, Much Less Expensive “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Technologies

CAPT David Herschel

Demand by federal employees and military members continues to grow for modern BYOD solutions and technologies that they can use on their personal smart devices. Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) smart devices, cellular service subscription, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Email Management (MEM) are expensive to procure and maintain. BYOD applications like the Navy Reserve “Ready-2-Serve” (R2S) use “multi-factor” CAC authentication on personally owned Apple iOS and Android devices allowing for on-the-go access to CAC/PIV-enabled web portals where agency information is available for military members and federal employees to accomplish their day-to-day mission objectives.


CAPT Herschel was the Navy Reserve's top IT Officer and "mobility evangelist" as CIO and IT Director for 50,000 Reservists and 10,000 Full Time Support officers and enlisted. He is strategic thinker with the ability to collaborate across the C-suite and optimize return on investment. He alternates tours between IT and Finance senior leadership positions which allows for CFO level programming and budgeting experience coupled with CIO innovative capability and products.


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