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Dean Reed iFest Presentation

U.S. Army Mobile Embedded Training: A Full Spectrum Approach

Dean Reed

The concept of embedded training (ET) has been explored since the early 1980’s starting with embedded training/mission rehearsal capability for the Future Combat Systems and Land Warrior. Since then, there have been many technological advances in mobile hardware and training techniques as well as changes in soldier training needs. The modern soldier requires point-of-need training that provides answers anytime and anywhere. Whether it is in the classroom or out in the field, developing new ET approaches is necessary to leverage advanced technologies and modern soldier equipment. The NETT Warrior (NW) is an integrated dismounted soldier situational awareness and mission command system for use during combat operations. Adding a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), essentially a flexible collection of components that intercommunicate efficiently to provide functions to NW can extend its capabilities beyond operational use into the training domain. This paper explores an approach to developing a full spectrum and full lifecycle NW service-oriented architecture that delivers point-of-need training alongside a straightforward means to create training content. The SOA architecture enables user telemetry for real-time or post-processed analysis by the training experts. A unique, automated user interface experience stimulated by user voice commands, call Tour Guide, is presented. Additionally, a parallel implementation of software tools that rapidly generate training content supplied by subject matter experts (SME's) provides a robust baseline of training content for the mobile system.


Dean Reed (Computer Science, UCF 2000) is a Senior Associate for Simulation Faculty Member with the Institute for Simulation and Training (IST) of the University of Central Florida. He originally joined the Institute in 1999 because he loved the richly diverse and innovative concepts being realized by the simulation community.

Dean is a veteran of the U.S. Army. His primary focus has been on developing Embedded Training Software for Soldiers. He has been involved with Embedded Training for STRYKER, M1A2, FCS and now Dismounted Soldier Embedded Training utilizing smart phone technologies. Overall, Dean has accumulated over 17 years of experience using interactive virtual environments for dismounted Soldier simulations.


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