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Joshua Marks iFest Presentation

“How competency standards are key to advanced distributed learning” the IMS Global CASE format and the OpenSALT tool

Joshua Marks

An overview of the IMS Global CASE (Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange) format for publishing machine readable learning standards, and their use in the US K-12, College and Career domains.


Joshua Marks is a senior advisor at PCG and directs open and personalized learning technology solutions across the practice. On staff with PCG since 2013, Joshua is a skilled and innovative leader in product design, management, research and development of educational software, content management and e-learning solutions. His background includes over three decades applying emerging technologies to address market needs in e- learning, assessment, online and print publishing, content management, rich media distribution, and content discovery. He is also one of the founders of the OER (Open educational Resources) movement as founding CTO and on-going technical advisor to, and is a nationally recognized leader in the areas of open curriculum, communities of educational practice, assessment technology, learning resource metadata and systems interoperability with extensive experience leading standards initiatives at LRMI, IMS Global, SIF (Access4All), and other national and international bodies.


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