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Krista Ratwani iFest Presentation

Measures and Tools for Fascilitating Learning and Development

Krista Ratwani

Specific actionable assessments are one of the keys to fascilitating learning and development within individuals and teams. Without the effective assessment of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes (KSAOs) being trained or developed, it is not possible to understand if and how development has occurred. In addition, such assessments can be used for the provision of formative feedback to provide further opportunities for learning and developing. This presentation will describe research and confucted to develop measures of performance to assess complex constructs such as leadership. While leadership attributes and competencies are often the focus of development within organizations such as the Army, assessing and measuring associated KSAOs is difficult. Therefore, the research conducted decomposed leadership attributes and competencies into observable behaviors for the sake of assessment. In addition, a handheld mobile device was developed that enables flexible assessment via an observer during multiple types of training events. This device, termed SPOTLITE, can also be linked to a backend database to allow for tracking of KSAOs over time, ultimately allowing tends to be displayed and analyzed. Such trending is the key to enabling lifelong learning. Measures are authored within SPOTLITE using the Human Performance Markup Langugae (HPML) - an emerging SISO industry standard. This presentation will describe the method for developing the assessment measures and tools, anevaluation within specific use cases, and also discuss the important of and implications for this type of work as it relates to enhancing learning and development experiences.


Dr. Krista Tatwani is Principal Scientist and the Director for the Learning and Training Systems Division at Aptima, Inc. Current and past work includes exploring and understanding how learning and development happens over time; assessing and facilitating the development of leader attributes and competencies, including charracter, in Army Soldiers; and developing assessment and training tools to help military leaders assess the inclusiveness of their units. Dr. Ratwani has led the development of training tool sspanning from classroom-based approaches, to hip pocket training guides, to multi-media computer based instruction. Prior to joining Aptima, she was a Research Fellow at the Army Research Institute (ARI) where her work included making assessments regarding retention among Army officers and developing interventions to improve force strength. Dr. Ratwani holds Ph.D. and M.A. in Pyschology from Monmouth University.


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