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Scott Kozak

Accelerating Training Effects Through Enhanced Learning Capabilities

Scott Kozak

All learning-related training relies on the brain’s neuroplasticity, whereby neural reorganization allows an individual to physically adapt to new challenges. Neuroplasticity can be enhanced with specialized cognitive training. Furthermore, the ability to respond to training programs which are challenging relies on high-level cognitive functions, including working memory, executive function, attention and processing speed. These capacities are also trainable.

A scientific training technique called NeuroTracker provides a role model example of how cognitive training can practically and rapidly enhance an individual’s learning capabilities. Deemed in the literature as a gold standard cognitive enhancer, multiple peer reviewed studies demonstrate that NeuroTracker interventions involving just 1-3 hours of distributed leads to robust improvements in high- level cognitive functions – an unprecedented rate of transfer. Additionally, qEEG brain scans reveal sustained increases in brain wave speeds associated with heightened states of neuroplasticity, as well as increased executive function performance, and neurophysiological changes similar to pharmaceutical interventions such as a Ritalin.

NeuroTracker provides an example of how a focused cognitive training intervention can rapidly enhance the learning capacity of individuals about to undergo training. Effectively this will enhance the rate at which they learn and effectively adapt to a training program. Additionally, with improved high-level cognitive functions individuals will be able to process and manage greater levels of cognitive load, improving their multi-tasking abilities and heightening the ceiling to which they can progress. Overall, an investment of 1 hour or more of distributed cognitive training will tangibly increase the effectiveness of simulation training programs.


Scott Kozak, MBA, is Managing Director of the CogniSens Applied Research Centre (ARC), a non-profit research center dedicated to developing and validating new applications to address unmet needs in human cognition, learning and performance. ARC researchers collaborate with experts and key opinion leaders from renowned academic, government and industry organizations to validate evidenced-based applications of NeuroTracker technologies.

Scott is also Deputy Chair of the NDIA’s Human Systems Division and an Adjunct Professor at Brown University in the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership degree program. He has held senior management positions in multinational corporations, start-ups and public-sector organizations.


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