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Dr. Scott M. Martin iFest Presentation

The System and Method for Using Controlled Virtual Student Grouping, Dynamic Regrouping, and Deep Academic Learning Intelligence (DALI) Advising, Mentoring, and Counseling

Dr. Scott M. Martin

The System and Method for Using Controlled Virtual Student Grouping, Dynamic Regrouping, and Deep Academic Learning Intelligence (DALI) student advising, mentoring, and counseling consists of multiple inter- connected inventions that are hosted on a new machine-learning AI education and training platform called Scriyb. Scriyb is a cloud-based platform that massively scales to allow a single teacher to effectively instruct a thousand students in real-time via streaming without sacrificing quality of instruction, nor the attention required for each student to master the subjects being taught. The Scriyb AI algorithms virtually group students based on private and public variables, and wall off each group from every other group within the same course of instruction. The inventions also allow students in each virtual group to interact with each other and pose questions to the teacher and receive answers in real-time. The AI algorithms are designed to encourage and facilitate both Peer-to- Peer cohorts and Social Engagement Learning (boutique learning). The algorithms track, measure, and analyze each student’s academic achievement rates within a communication styles and social theory matrix, and dynamically re-balances each virtual group to provide the ideal learning environment for each student. Scriyb also deploys DALI to provide personal advising, mentoring, and counseling channels to consistently guide the student, and optimize their learning environment throughout an academic experience. Lastly, the Scriyb cloud-based platform lowers educational costs and massively scales educational and training opportunities for learners worldwide.


Dr. Scott M. Martin is an inventor, mentor, educator, entrepreneur, intrepreneur, and Founding Director of the Computer Game Design Program at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A. The Computer Game Design program includes an innovative undergraduate BFA degree, a graduate M.A. degree, several minors, and a study abroad program in Scotland and Song Do South Korea. Dr. Martin is also the Founding Director of the Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI) also at GMU, which conducts applied research using game technologies to improve the human condition, hosts the Mason Game & Technology Academy, the largest K-12 STEM program in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and offers a start-up incubator focused on serious game companies. The VSGI is also affiliated with other world serious game institutes in Veracruz University in Veracruz Mexico, University of Coventry, UK, Murdoch University in Australia, and at the University of South Africa.

Dr. Martin is the inventor of multiple U.S. patents or patent-pending educational pedagogy, learning sciences, and learning engineering solutions, including Deep Academic Learning Intelligence (DALI), that provides a machine learning AI virtual student academic advisor, personal mentor, and professional counselor. He is currently working on a book chapter about his research with other leading national learning engineers in the U.S. for Harvard University Press, with a scheduled publication Fall 2017.

In the last 28 years, Dr. Martin has held administrative and academic positions at four universities and taught courses in information technology, art philosophy, theory, and criticism, music composition, audio engineering, acoustics, game design, media arts, and business entrepreneurship. Dr. Martin received his B.M. (1988) and M.M. (1989) from Johns Hopkins University, with additional studies in Audio and Electrical Engineering. He received his Doctorate from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2000. In addition, Dr. Martin has founded multiple non-profit and for-profit businesses, institutes, academics programs, research centers, schools, and colleges. Of note, he founded the Music Media Technology Program at Alabama State University, an HBCU in Montgomery, Alabama, the School of Art and Visual Technology and the Internet Multimedia Center (IMC) both at George Mason. Lastly, Dr. Martin is the Founder of PSTH LLC, a business consultancy to guide and mentor startups, and Scriyb LLC, a machine-learning artificial intelligence education technology company.


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