iFEST 2018 - The Future Learning Ecosystem


8/27/2018 - 8/29/2018


Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
5000 Seminary Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22311
Tel: 703-845-1010


The ADL Initiative is collaborating with the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) for iFEST, an innovation-, instruction-, and implementation- themed Federal eLearning Science and Technology (FEST) symposium. iFEST is open to military, government, industry, and academia professionals involved with distributed learning. This year’s theme focuses on the Future Learning Ecosystem.

General iFEST topics include:

  • The Total Learning Architecture (TLA)
  • Experience Application Program Interface (xAPI)
  • Learner profiles, technology, security, and privacy
  • Learning analytics and visualizations
  • Competencies and credentialing
  • Learning science for future learning ecosystems
  • DoD/Federal distributed learning policy

The format of the symposium involves:

  • Keynote speakers from DoD/Gov't, industry and academia
  • Facilitated discussions on Defense-relevant topics
  • Ignite! (5-minute) Talks
  • Poster sessions for selected abstracts
  • Panel discussions
  • Tutorials
  • Presentation sessions for selected abstracts
  • TLA "Hackathon" (hands-on workshop)

TLA Hackathon

The ADL Initiative will host a TLA Hackathon at iFEST. The Hackathon is open to iFEST attendees as well as to the general public; participants can opt to register for the Hackathon without registering for iFEST.

The goal of this 24-hour event is to explore TLA learning data, associated visualizations, and linkages to competency frameworks. Hackathon participants will conduct hands-on exercises to explore learning analytics, identify new ways to visualize collected data, and expose gaps in the practical use of xAPI across different types of media.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with experienced developers, educators and data scientists, to learn best practices for implementing, structuring, storing, and processing xAPI data and other data generated by TLA components at scale. By joining in this event, participants will gain valuable insight into different components of the TLA, its data structures, its roadmap, and the relevant technologies that are available for implementation today. Participants will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to the ADL Initiative team regarding the ongoing development of the TLA.

The ADL Initiative will provide a large data set of TLA data that participants can aggregate, analyze, and visualize as part of the Hackathon. All participants will be required to use their own personal computers with whichever software tools they feel are best suited to work with this data.

The Hackathon will start on 28 August and conclude on 29 August. The summary briefings will be presented at 1200 on 29 August, during the luncheon. Awards will also be presented at that time in four categories:

  • Best Use of the Data Set
  • Most Compelling Correlations
  • Best Visuals
  • Most Dynamic User Interfaces (UI)

View the iFEST 2018 Agenda.