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The Canada ADL Partnership Center was formed in 2003 and is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It falls under the Canadian Defence Academy (CDA) Enhanced Performance Innovation Centre (EPIC). The ADL Partnership Center is a Canadian resource with a mandate to support Individual Training and Education, and Professional Development activities for the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Forces. Through the ADL Partnership Center Memorandum of Understanding, that mandate extends to include support to other Canadian Governmental Departments (OGDs), the e-learning industry, academia, and the international ADL Partnership Network.


The Canadian ADL Partnership Center provides a collaborative environment for training organizations throughout the DND, sharing resources and experiences to implement innovative learning solutions and disruptive technologies. The Center’s core business involves three key business lines: Learning Technologies, the Defence Learning Network (DLN), and the Military Personnel Generation Group (MPGG) digitalization effort.

The Learning Technologies line focuses on new and emerging technologies and methodologies, including performing research and implementing new education and training technologies, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

DLN Business Management Office (BMO) focuses on the CAF Learning Environment (DLN). The DLN BMO (Mil) provides leadership, tools, and guidance to assist the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Training Authorities and Training Environments in the strategic adoption of the DLN enterprise environment for managing, developing and delivering training. The BMO also coordinates and captures new requirements from the CAF to ensure the DLN continually evolves to provide the CAF and the Defence team with the best possible learning environment.

The MPGG digitalization (evolution of both the Pers Gen and IT&E systems) became a core business line in 2018. MPGG digitalization is focused on automating and optimizing MPGG processes and services, reducing costs, and improving overall reporting and data stewardship. It also includes integrating MPGG processes and business lines with other groups/departments/units and facilitating metric-based reporting with key performance indicators.


For more information or to discuss a possible project please contact:

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Nicholas Deslandes

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