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The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) Shared Services Centre’s Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit is located close to Helsinki in Tuusula, Finland. Unit’s Development Sector is primarily concentrating to develop FDF LMS-system and works in close collaboration with unit’s Learning Material Production Sector.

Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit’s tasks are:

  • Making large scale learning material for FDF
  • Producing the FDF’s learning and communications material and managing printed material procurement and form services and further develops these functions
  • Providing guidance and advice relating to the aforementioned
  • Producing among other things teaching modules, regulations, publications and multimedia
  • Providing graphic design services
  • Maintaining and developing PVMOODLE and KUMEPA (FDF LMS)
  • Expanding PVMOODLE’s and KUMEPA’s range of functions
  • Exploring the adaptability of new ADL options
  • Taking part in international cooperation (NORDEFCO ADL, NATO Training Group, and ADL Initiative).

The strength of the FDF Shared Services Centre’s Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit is 23 learning material and pedagogical experts.


The mission of Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit is to develop innovative and modern e-learning solutions, which are user-friendly, cost-effective, and compatible with other learning elements and environments.

Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit offers services to FDF personnel, conscripts and reservists. The total number of users of these e-learning solutions is about 150,000 (at the end of 2019).

The Finland ADL Partnership Center mission is to bring best international practices in the field of the ADL into the Finnish Defence Forces and offer products and pedagogical knowledge to international partners. Main areas of focus are development of e-learning solutions, innovative content production, mobile learning, gamification, training pedagogy, and emerging technology.


Commander Erkki Heinonen is the Director of the FDF Shared Services Centre’s Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit. He has done long carrier in Finnish Navy as a naval officer, also as CO onboard various combat vessels. He has involved in large scale to develop naval education and training past decade at the Naval Academy. Before starting as a Director of the Unit he worked as a Chief of Training at The Finnish Naval HQ.

Civ Miika Rouvinen is the main administrator and developer of the FDF’s elearning platform, and works at the Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit. He has a pedagogical education (MSc in Education) with a twist of Computer Sciences. Before this position he has worked at FDF’s General Staff’s Personnel Division as a senior planning advisor in the sector of education and training.

Civ Dr Jenna Vekkaila is pedagogical specialist at the Learning (ADL) and Image Services Unit, Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). She is Adjunct Professor in the field of pedagogy, and she has completed her PhD in Education (Educational Psychology) at the University of Helsinki. Her work concentrates on pedagogy and design processes in (e-)learning material production and in digital learning environments. Before the career at FDF, she worked in civil university sector as researcher and senior lecturer in higher education pedagogy.


Visiting Address:
FDF Shared Services Center
Rantatie 66,

Postal Address:
FDF Shared Services Centre’s Learning (ADL) and Image Services
P.O. Box 5
FI-004401 Järvenpää

Tel: +358 299 851 600 (Heinonen)


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