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The Poland Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Partnership Center was formed in 2012 and is part of the War Studies University located in Warsaw (district: Rembertow), Poland. The Partnership Center is a collaborative project between the US DoD ADL Initiative and the Polish Ministry of National Defence. The War Studies University directs the work of the Poland ADL Partnership Center.

Education within the professional development system for officers of the Polish Armed Forces is provided by the Military Faculty. These faculty mainly include academic teachers who are in active service, and who are characterized by an outstanding quality of both theoretical and practical preparation.

The University also provides civilian education at first, second, third degrees, and at postgraduate levels. The teaching process is conducted by three academic departments and two independent institutes: the Department of National Security; the Department of Management and Command; the Military Department; the Institute of Law; and the Institute of Military History. Another department, the School of Defence Administration, was established to provide Higher Defence Courses, Defence and Crisis Management Courses, and other forms of education to prepare individuals employed in public administration and other organizations concerned with security, defence, and crisis management.

The buildings of the University house one of the most modern Simulation and Computer War Games Centers in Europe, a specialized Training Center for Defence Against the Weapons of Mass Destruction, Officers Training Center, Foreign Languages Teaching Center, as well as two new think tanks that are hubs for in-depth analysis and expert opinion for public authorities: the Security Research Center and the Academic Center for Cybersecurity Policy.


The Poland War Studies University ADL team is responsible for the development, procurement, implementation, and evaluation of ADL Initiative technologies and products in the Polish Armed Forces.

The Poland ADL Partnership Center focuses its activities on the following areas:

  • Methodology for development and procurement of ADL
  • Pedagogy in all areas of ADL
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Mobile learning
  • Machinima
  • Serious games
  • Relevant tools for development and use of ADL
  • Standardization: SCORM® and xAPI
  • Evaluation of ADL
  • ADL support for the education and training activities of the War Studies University and the Polish Armed Forces


War Studies University, Al. gen. A. Chrusciela 103
00-910 Warsaw, Poland

Tel: +48 261-814-129, 261-814-000


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