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STANAG 2591 cover page

NATO STANAG (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Standardization Agreement) 2591 (Advanced Distributed Learning) was developed by the NATO Training Group (NTG) to ensure NATO and participating nations develop courses that are interoperable and can be easily shared between learning management systems. The NATO ADL STANAG is updated by the NATO Training Group and managed under the authority of the NATO Standardization Office (NSO).

The NSO coordinates NATO standardization activities, which are conducted under the authority of the Committee for Standardization. The NSO assists NATO’s Military Committee in developing military operational standards. These activities foster NATO standardization with the goal of enhancing the interoperability and operational effectiveness of Alliance military forces.

The goal of the NATO STANAG is to establish a standardized procedure for developing online education and training content, and courses for NATO Education and Training Facilities and similar facilities in NATO and partner nations. As a condition of participation, nations agree to adopt common standards for distributed learning systems.

This STANAG is supplemented with additional recommendations in the NATO ADL Handbook. The Handbook is managed by the NTG Individual Training and Educational Development (IT&ED) task group.