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Learning Technology Warehouse

Learning Technology Warehouse artwork

A secure, cloud-based portal where newly developed distributed learning solutions can be showcased, tested and transitioned for use across the Federal Government’s learning ecosystems.

The Challenge

Bridging the research-to-practice divide has been a challenge for distributed learning technologies. Transitioning DoD R&D efforts for distributed learning into operational systems has been hampered by resource constraints, security concerns, and inconsistent approaches to test and evaluation (T&E).

The Solution

A portal that provides DoD and Federal Government education and training stakeholders with easy access to proven distributed learning software and tools for T&E, turnkey implementation, and transition to operational use. This secure, cloud-based repository provides front-end services, secure authentication, enhanced workflow to aid transitioning of tools, and support resources for testing activities.

About the Project

The Learning Technology Warehouse is the final node of the ADL Initiative’s DevSecOps pipeline, which takes an idea or concept, matures it into a capability, transitions it through Information Assurance (IA) protocols, and provides it to users with streamlined installation and configuration support. The pipeline begins with the Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Sandbox, where prototype applications are tested for interoperability with other TLA-compliant applications. The Learning Technology Warehouse serves as a resource for organizations trying to modernize their learning ecosystems with deployment-ready secure software.

Serving as a clearinghouse for learning technologies, the Learning Technology Warehouse is intended to facilitate the transition of new learning tools (including vetted Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) or Government Off The Shelf (GOTS) systems) into the operational force.

In the first year of this effort, an analysis of alternatives (AoA) was conducted to identify the most advantageous structure and format for the system. A concept of operations (CONOPS) and a site prototype were developed based on system characteristics presented in the research findings. Currently, Learning Technology Warehouse capabilities support users’ abilities to create authenticated accounts, browse and search for products, and sample products in a sandboxed environment. Each product has a dedicated page with detailed information, media, reports, and contact information.

In 2019, the Learning Technology Warehouse came online and launched with access to two ADL Initiative projects—Personalized eBooks for Learning (PeBL, an open source interactive eBook platform) and PERvasive Learning System (PERLS, a DoD-wide microlearning capability). In 2020-2021, development will focus on integrating DoD CAC-access, staging additional ADL Initiative projects, and improving the ease of access to products in the Learning Technology Warehouse for DoD customers.

The long-term vision for the Learning Technology Warehouse is integration into the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) USALearning workflow. This will enable users to move directly from finding a product to instantiating it into their learning ecosystem.

Project Details