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Continuum of eLearning: 2012 Project Summary Report

2012; Fautua, D.; Schatz, S., Ph.D.; Taylor, A.; Reitz, E.; Bartlett, K.; Killilea, J.

This report outlines a variety of challenges associated with joint military training and education. It begins by detailing gaps in collective (live) training and discussing limitations associated with online learning. These limitations were uncovered through reviews of the literature, as well as interviews with military stakeholders and reactions surveys from military online learners. Next, it outlines a phased approach to address the gaps and limitations of individual, team, and collective training through a Joint Event Life Cycle (JELC) optimized blended learning approach. This approach, called the Continuum of eLearning (CoL), represents both a training capability and a systematic methodology for enhancing military online learning. The report describes the CoL approach and features, highlighting those functions that were implemented in 2012 as part of Version 1.0, as well as describing future plans for V2.0 and V3.0. Finally, the report also documents the results of the beta test of CoL V1.0, which was tested during the PANAMAX 2012 joint and multinational training event. The beta test revealed that demographic variables, such as rank and service, affected overall knowledge levels; however, when these were controlled for, the CoL courses had a positive impact on personnel's knowledge and joint attitudes. The surveys that asked about participants' past and present experiences with online learning also provide a set of requirements for future versions of the CoL .

DTIC: a577837