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Financial Readiness for Learning (FR-PAL) Final Report

2018; Murphy, Jennifer

Sen$e is a mobile application designed to support service members and their families with financial readiness information using micro-learning, gamification, and other motivational techniques to cultivate life-long learning. Sen$e supports service member financial literacy and preparedness through engaging "bite-sized," personally relevant, multimedia content. To encourage continued use, Sen$e features motivational elements such as push notifications, gamification, and visual progress indicators. In addition to educational content, validated financial tools and resources are incorporated into this user-centered application. Sen$e was developed using human-centered design principles and Agile software development processes. This iterative approach allowed for significant front-end analyses, engagement with end-users, derivation of user needs into requirements, development, and testing throughout each phase of the project to ensure a holistic and user-friendly system. Project performance progressed through a three-phased development process. Deliveries made throughout each phase of the project underwent an extensive and thorough review process. The process of meeting the project goals for developing a useful, usable, and user-centered financial application, for service members and their families, is described, in detail, in the following final report.

Contract: W911QY-16-C-0163