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Technical Report: DATASIM

2020; Blake-Plock, S.

The purpose of this document is to present a report and related documentation regarding the Alpha TRL4 prototype of the Data and Training Analytics Simulated Input Modeler (DATASIM). The report explores the intended use cases of the DATASIM platform, the progress that has been made on the prototype reference software, and the aspects of the application which would benefit from further development in the next iteration of the platform.

Through this analysis, testing and evaluation it has been demonstrated that this Alpha version of the DATASIM platform has met or exceeded the requirements for a TRL 4 prototype in every category.

Aside from its success at the goal of efficiently generating realistic simulated xAPI datasets, it is also already demonstrating value as a tool to aid xAPI Profile design — as seen in the analysis of the creation of the TCCC Profile. In order to mature the DATASIM platform to the next level of technical readiness, and to address any perceived needs the system has currently, the following areas of potential platform improvement provide a map of potential feature development.

DTIC: AD1098366

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