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CaSS Authoring Tools: Final Report

2021; Havas, K.

This document serves as the final report for the Competency and Skills System (CaSS) Authoring Tools (CAT) project. CaSS is intended to support all forms of competency- and skills- based education, training and talent management. CaSS has three major components. The first enables organizations to define, manage, and share “competencies” in human readable and machine actionable forms, where “competencies” is a generic term that encompasses knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, traits, educational curriculum standards, learning objectives, and many other such objects that define what a person or group of people know and can do. This first part is the focus of the CAT project. The other two components that collect performance data and estimate competencies that people or teams possess are not covered in this report.

This report outlines the functionality that CAT supports, the challenges faced in developing CAT, and recommendations for future work. It includes large portions of the CAT User Guide as an appendix to provide insight into how CAT works. More details can be found in the complete CaSS Authoring Tools User Guide, the CaSS Authoring Tools Administrator Guide, and in comments in the code, available on GitHub.

Contract: 47QFLA19C0008

DTIC: AD1125206

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