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ADL Enterprise Learner Record Repository System Architecture Report

2021; Flamer, Eric; Adusei-Poku, Adjoa; Schafrik, Franki

The Enterprise Learner Record Repository (ELRR) System Architecture Report (SAR) outlines the ELRR solution architecture by describing the specification and deployment of hardware and software, interfaces, and port/protocol usage. This report focuses on the standards, specifications, services, and systems necessary to enable individual DoD organizations to contribute their local, authoritative learning records to an enterprise aggregation of these local, authoritative training records, using a growing number of supporting data services (e.g., course information, identity management, competency data) to federate a learner’s portfolio of records into an ELRR capability. The intended audiences for this document are developers or engineers who are familiar with TLA standards and core cloud computing principles.

Contract: FA701420STS10

DTIC: AD1151388

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