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SCORM® 1.2

The release of this version of the SCORM® introduced the concepts of content packaging and metadata. This version of SCORM® is considered stable, meaning that enough testing and adoption has taken place to establish confidence that applications based upon the model can be implemented and tested for conformance.

The key books of SCORM® 1.2 were the RTE book and the CAM book. See the official SCORM® 1.2 specification documentation for a complete list of changes and improvements from 1.0 to 1.1 and the 1.2 version.

SCORM® Resources

SCORM® 1.2
SCORM® 2004 (3rd Edition)
SCORM® 2004 (4th Edition)
SCORM® Certification, Conformance, and Adoption
SCORM® Acquisition Guidance

SCORM® 1.2 Resources

Technical Specification (Version 1.2)
Conformance Test Suite 1.2.7
Sample Run-time Environment 1.2.2
Official ADL SCORM® API Wrappers
SCORM® 1.2 Content Package Examples