SCORM® 2004 4th Edition

After release of the 3rd Edition, new issues and feature requirements were reported by members of the ADL Community. Upon acting on that feedback and making significant improvements, ADL released SCORM® 2004 4th Edition in 2009.

With this release comes the usual ADL documentation, tools, and content examples.

ADL strongly encourages content developers and those who produce distributed learning products to conform with this version of the SCORM® specification.


SCORM® Resources

SCORM® 1.2
SCORM® 2004 (3rd Edition)
SCORM® 2004 (4th Edition)
SCORM® Certification, Conformance, and Adoption
SCORM® Acquisition Guidance


Official Documentation

Technical Specification (4th Ed.)
Testing Requirements


Compatibility Testing Resources

LMS Test Packages (4th Ed.)
Conformance Test Suite 1.1.1
Sample Run-time Environment 1.1.1


Additional Resources

Users Guide for Instructional Designers
Users Guide for Programmers
SCORM® Starter Template
Official ADL SCORM® API Wrappers
RELOAD Content Editor



Content Packaging Extensions Version 2.0
Navigation Extensions Version 1.0


Content Examples

Data Model
Manifest Basics
Sequencing Essentials