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SCORM® Certification, Conformance, and Adoption

Adoption of the SCORM® Specification increases the interoperability and reusability of systems and content. ADL supports SCORM® adoption on a variety of levels. The highest achievable level is that of SCORM® Certification, which is a verification of conformance by an independent 3rd party. Having this validation gives consumers of distributed learning content and systems confidence in using products that implement the SCORM® specification.

NOTE: Due to a lack of testing centers, SCORM® Certification is currently not available. ADL is offering validation of test suite logs for vendors and content developers so they can be placed on the SCORM® Adopters list.

Certification Is:

  • Independent 3rd party testing
  • Provides consumers of distributed learning content and systems with the assurance that certified products have successfully implemented ADL SCORM® specifications

Certification Is Not:

  • An endorsement by the ADL Initiative
  • A guarantee that a product has been tested for defects in functionality
  • A guarantee that the product's content is instructionally sound
  • The same as being a SCORM® Adopter

Certification Vs. Conformance, and Adoption

Many products claim to be SCORM®-certified, a SCORM® adopter, or SCORM® conformant. Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) has specific terms and criteria regarding each of these levels of conformance:

SCORM® Conformance – the only criteria for claiming SCORM® conformance (to a specific version of SCORM®, i.e. SCORM® version 1.2) is to pass the corresponding test within the ADL Conformance Test Suite of the corresponding SCORM® version. The Conformance Test Suite is a free download from This test is done on the honor system and requires no ADL involvement.

SCORM® Adopter – the next level up from being SCORM® conformance is for a product to be a SCORM® adopter. A product must be SCORM® conformant before it can be considered to be a SCORM® adopter. The logs that result from a passing test in the ADL Conformance Test Suite are submitted to ADL (see the SCORM® Adopters page for more information) and if found to be correct, the product is labeled as a SCORM® adopter in the SCORM® Adopter Product List (for a particular version of SCORM®).

SCORM® Certification – The final level of SCORM® conformance is SCORM® certification. Certified products are those products that have been tested by independent ADL Certification Testing Centers to meet the requirements as described by the corresponding version of the SCORM® Conformance requirements document and verified by the Conformance Test Suite (see the SCORM® Certification page for more information). Once this process is completed, the product is SCORM® Certified and is added to the SCORM® Certified Product List. The product is also then compliant to SCORM® Certification.

NOTE: As an alternative to previous SCORM® Certified Products and SCORM® Adopter forms and searchable databases, ADL has posted locked spreadsheets of the data until the forms and process is updated. Click the links below to access these static resources.

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SCORM® Adopters List


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