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Learning Technology Warehouse Portal

The Learning Technology Warehouse is a secure, cloud-based portal where approved distributed learning applications can be reviewed, tested, and accessed for use across DoD and other Federal agencies. The Learning Technology Warehouse is the endpoint in a longer DevSecOps pipeline, and it serves as a sort of “app store” for government distributed learning software. Each application within the Warehouse has a dedicated page with detailed product information including history, demonstrations, and supporting documentation such as technical specifications, DoD and government compliance materials, and contact information.

How to Access

  1. Visit the LTW portal to log in using your account information.*
  2. Once logged in, you can access the portal landing page to search or browse applications.

* Setting up an account: At the present time access is limited to Government and other Defense personnel, to include authorized DoD contractors. Government and military employees can register for an account using your official email addresses (e.g., with the .gov or .mil suffix).

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