The Road to the Experience API V1.0 release

From ADL Team Member… Aaron Silvers: The Road to the Experience API V1.0 release – Target date announced

While it was covered elsewhere, the Technical Working Group (UPDATE: The original Google Groups have since been consolidated to a single xAPI Group) that provides the brainpower reflected in the Experience API specification met in January of this year and together we came up with a path to release Version 1.0 on April 26, 2013.

This is a historic milestone for ADL and the learning technology community for a variety of reasons.

Version 1.0 is a major release.

With over 50 different technologies built over two early beta releases of the specification in the past year, every advancement on the Experience API is pretty important. But when something is called Version 1.0, it means that not only is it good enough to ship, it's good enough for broad use. In the last year, we've had many brave early adopters using a good-enough specification that we knew was still rough around the edges and prone to big changes based on what we were learning as we were using it. There were significant changes from 0.9 to 0.95, just to highlight that point. Version 1.0 means we're sticking with it until we revisit it for a next release, probably in about a year.

More people will use the specification.

I'm betting there are a lot of people just waiting for a Version 1.0 to put the Experience API to use. A lot of early majority vendors rely on a stable release of a technology before they consider integrating it into an existing product. Knowing that Experience API is mature enough to keep steady means more learning technologists will incorporate the Experience API into their current tools and systems. More importantly, we believe more organizations will recognize that the Experience API can help them address their systemic business challenges. Even more importantly, just as back in the heyday of eLearning, we'll quickly see some brilliant designers and developers creating groundbreaking learning experiences with the Experience API. Something about a real version catalyzes all sorts of opportunities.

More support will come.

Once Version 1.0 is released, we at ADL plan to release documentation so that it is clear (and easy) to use the Experience API whenever, wherever and however you need. Already we've been starting to list adopters to answer the question for ADL's stakeholders, "Who's using the Experience API?" Next we'll be developing conformance tests to help make developing with the Experience API easier. Additionally, we at ADL are looking at doing some barn raising to help support common tools and technologies from which the entire community would benefit. We might even hold some events online and/or offline to help designers, business stakeholders, developers and vendors identify existing challenges faster, surface common approaches to addressing those challenges and, in general, work together.

Any questions? Bring 'em. That's why we have the comments below.

by Jason Haag | March 25th, 2013 | home uncategorized