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Transforming DoD’s Learning Infrastructure

August 26, 2020

Lora Muchmore, SES (Director, Defense Business Systems Directorate, Office of the Chief Management Officer, Office of the Secretary of Defense); Fred Drummond, SES (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Education and Training, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)); Jim Seacord, SES (Acting Director, Human Capital Management Office (HCMO), Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)); Amy Rogers (Chief Learning Officer for the Civilian Workforce, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)); Sae Schatz, Ph.D. ((Moderator) Director, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL Initiative)

NTSA August Webinar Transforming DoD’s Learning Infrastructure

On July 2018, the Reform Management Group (senior Pentagon committee) approved the Enterprise Digital Learning Modernization (EDLM) initiative, a sweeping reform meant to improve DoD’s digital learning system. The effort included two major goals: First, improve the way DoD buys and maintains digital learning software and services, and second, modernize its digital learning systems by implementing federated digital architectures and using enterprise-wide data-driven methods.

This webinar featured the EDLM Executive Steering Committee, which included senior executives who represented the military, civilian, and DoD intel training and education areas, as well as the DoD Chief Management Office, which is ultimately responsible for business reforms and enterprise systems.

This webinar was moderated by Dr. Sae Schatz, Ph.D., Director of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. Dr. Schatz is an applied human–systems scientist, with an emphasis on human cognition and learning, instructional technologies, adaptive systems, human performance assessment, and modeling and simulation.

The EDLM initiative has broad impacts—from DoD training and education organizations to technology vendors. This webinar provided broad appeal to anyone working in or around the DoD instructional technologies community.

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