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Human Systems Community of Interest

The Office of the Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering runs more than a dozen Communities of Interest (COIs) across DoD. These span the range of key science and technology topics, and they facilitate coordination across DoD research organizations regarding particular research topics. Among these falls the Human Systems COI, in which the ADL Initiative is an active participant.

In particular, ADL Initiative supports one of the three Human Systems COI subcommittees focused on Personalized Assessment, Education, and Training. This includes applied research (6.2) and advanced technology development (6.3) in areas such as personnel assessment, adaptive testing, integrated measures, improved personnel selection and assignment, competency-based systems, personalized and proficiency-based training, and other ways to enhance personnel operational performance.

Meeting Schedule: The Human Systems COI meets monthly and is only open to Defense personnel. In addition, the Human Systems COI holds an annual public conference (Human Systems Conference) around September, supported by the National Training and Simulation Association. The Personalized Assessment, Education, and Training subcommittee holds regular teleconferences.

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