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cmi5 Best Practices Guide: From Conception to Conformance

2021; Miller, Brian; Rutherford, Tammy; Pack, Alicia; Vilches, George; Ingram, Jim

This guide is intended to help you understand where, when, and how to incorporate cmi5 into your Distributed Learning (DL) strategy. As you navigate the transition, it will also provide guidance to ensure that your cmi5 implementation is successful and helps you move closer to realizing the benefits of broader, more distributed learning and training initiatives.

This guide will explain what cmi5 is, when to use the specification, why it’s important for learning and development programs, and the best practices for implementation and acquisition of content and systems. Further, this guide will help program managers, content administrators, instructional designers, content authors, content testers, and developers understand how cmi5 impacts their role as well as answering questions that may arise. The goal of this guide is to help accelerate adoption of the cmi5 specification, which will ultimately support the vision of the TLA and modernizing learning across the DoD.

Contract: W900kk1890005

DTIC: AD1156141

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