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Releasing an open-source player and conformance testing tool for cmi5-based digital learning content.

The Challenge

Developed nearly two decades ago, the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM®) is a set of interoperability standards for packaging and delivering online courses via web-browsers and Learning Management Systems (LMSs). However, SCORM is not extensible enough to support the growing variety of technologies used in modern education and training environments. SCORM is also limited in its capability to capture robust, interoperable learner performance data.

The cmi5 specification provides a more flexible, adaptable, and robust alternative to current SCORM standards, and natively incorporates xAPI capabilities. However, to support the use of cmi5-based content across DoD, software and how-to guidance are needed.

The Solution

This project is developing a freely available, open-source cmi5 content player and conformance test suite for use by DoD stakeholders and e-learning technology vendors. The project will also deliver exemplar DoD courses, along with templates and instructions to help DoD organizations convert other legacy courseware into the cmi5 specification.

About the Project

The goal of the cmi5 Advanced Testing Application and Player Underpinning Learning Technologies (CATAPULT) project is to create a cmi5 player and test suite software to help the DoD education and training community transition from legacy e-learning systems and tools toward an integrated enterprise-wide learning ecosystem. The cmi5 specification defines specific interoperability rules for content launch, authentication, session management, reporting, and course structure. Implementing this specification will allow flexible delivery (e.g., content from outside LMSs or from different platforms) and will support robust learning analytics. The project’s deliverables are expected in the fall of 2021.


cmi5 Best Practices Guide: From Conception to Conformance
Miller, Brian; Rutherford, Tammy; Pack, Alicia; Vilches, George; Ingram, Jim


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Rustici Software


83rd United States Army Reserve Readiness Training Command
Army University
Defense Acquisition University
Naval Information Warfare Systems Command
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