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Accelerating cmi5 Adoption: Exploring the Conformance Test Suites and Tools

September 21, 2021

Brian Miller, George Vilches (Rustici Software) and Andy Johnson, (ADL Initiative, SETA Contractor)

Webinar - Accelerating cmi5 Adoption: Exploring the Conformance Test Suites and Tools

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Are you trying to move from the SCORM world to xAPI and not sure how to get there? cmi5 is the path forward, and now there are tools to help you. Join this webinar led by Brian Miller and George Vilches of Rustici Software and Andy Johnson of ADL as we explore the role cmi5 plays to bridge the gap between SCORM and xAPI to support a more modern approach to learning and training. We will share the tools now available to migrate legacy SCORM content to cmi5 along with the newly available conformance test suites to validate cmi5 conformance.

Webinar Summary: The learning and training landscape is changing rapidly. SCORM is the most widely used eLearning standard, but as tools and technologies have advanced it’s clear that SCORM isn’t flexible enough to support many emerging learning modalities. xAPI was designed to support more modern learning technologies and methodologies but shifting from SCORM to xAPI is a big leap. That’s where cmi5 comes in to help bridge the great divide.

In 2020, the ADL Initiative awarded Rustici Software a contract to design and build tools to aid in the adoption of cmi5, including an open source cmi5 player, sample cmi5 course templates, and conformance test suites that are now available. cmi5 CATAPULT, a year-long project, provides key tools to accelerate cmi5’s use within the DoD (Department of Defense), and for vendors to incorporate into their products. The conformance test suites also provide validation and governance to support procurement requirements.

The webinar will help participants better understand what cmi5 is and where it fits in with SCORM and xAPI. The audience will see first-hand how to use course templates to migrate content, along with introductions to the cmi5 player prototype, a conformant Learning Management System, and content test suites.

Audience: This webinar is open to all, though prior knowledge of SCORM and/or cmi5 will be useful.

About the Speakers

Brian Miller, Rustici Software

Brian Miller, Rustici Software
Brian Miller is one of the world’s foremost xAPI thought leaders and a chief contributor to the cmi5 working group. He was the architect and principal engineer for Project CATAPULT, a freely available cmi5 content player and conformance test suite for DoD stakeholders and eLearning technology vendors. He has over 20 years of professional and eLearning industry experience. In 2012, Brian joined Rustici Software and has worked on Project CATAPULT, Project Tin Can, standards development, and open-source libraries, as well as leading the Rustici Engine team.

George Vilches, Rustici Software

George Vilches, Rustici Software
George Vilches is a principal software engineer at Rustici software. As a tech leader, his focus is on software platforms to provide the best integrations for content distribution and eLearning standard conformance. He oversees custom integration projects for SMB and enterprise companies looking to up their eLearning standards game. George has taught classes on the challenges of integrating SCORM and xAPI technologies within a myriad of environments and contributes to the IEEE xAPI effort and various other learning standards groups.

Andy Johnson, ADL Initiative (SETA Contractor)

Andy Johnson, ADL Initiative (SETA Contractor)
Andy Johnson is a SETA contractor and serves as the specifications and standards manager at the ADL Initiative. His current focus is on the development of new standards and specifications that promote interoperability across DoD systems. Andy has led many working groups and standardization efforts, including those for xAPI. Andy has worked with the ADL Initiative for over 15 years and was one of the original developers of SCORM and its accompanying research and tools.

Contact: If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact the technical webinar coordinator, Liz Bradley, at

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