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An Overview of the DoD's DevSecOps Reference Design and its Intersection with the Learning Technology Warehouse

November 17, 2021 • 1400-1500 EDT (U.S.)

Speakers: Jen Murphy (Quantum Improvements Consulting) with ADL Initiative SETA Contractors Alec Romine and Hunter Smith

Learning Technology Warehouse screen with multiple catalog items shown

Overview: The ADL Initiative’s technical team will demonstrate and discuss the DoD’s DevSecOps Reference Design and its intersection with the Learning Technology Warehouse (LTW) portal. The ADL Initiative’s DevSecOps pipeline enables an automated set of tools, services, and standards to expedite software through the engineering processes required to enable continuous integration and continuous deployment of software-centric learning technologies. The LTW portal includes a catalog of transition-ready products, platforms, and other software systems that are tested, accredited, containerized, and ready to be deployed by DoD organizations.

Subject: The rise of DevSecOps across the DoD has led to rapid demand for new tools to make the design, development, and deployment of software systems more efficient. The ADL Initiative has implemented a DevSecOps pipeline that aligns with the DoD’s DevSecOps Reference Design. This pipeline is being used to support the ADL Initiative’s portfolio of software-centric research projects. The pipeline is configurable to support software products that are in different stages of development, and it ties into numerous activities that are typically included when transitioning software prototypes to a DoD system owner (e.g., accreditation).

The LTW project includes the development of the portal and integration into the ADL Initiative’s DevSecOps pipeline to rapidly transition promising research projects into operational use. The portal includes a searchable catalog of new learning tools and technologies that meet the requirements of DoDI 1322.26 and are approved to run on DoD networks (via USALearning). Each product page links to a secure demonstration capability of the product so DoD stakeholders can test, evaluate, compare, and acquire the system. This capability supports the Assisted Acquisition strategy employed by USALearning to support the Enterprise Digital Learning Modernization (EDLM) program.

Audience: Data engineers, Data Analysts, learning professionals, training specialists, and IT professionals involved in knowledge management, learning content and social learning; and executive decision-makers looking for microlearning and performance ecosystem approaches that go beyond traditional training and tracking approaches.

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About the Speakers

Jen Murphy, Ph.D. is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of QIC. She is passionate about using her expertise in research psychology to improve performance, especially for those who serve our country. Her research focuses on creative applications of data analysis for predicting and assessing human performance, training and measurement development, and evaluating the effectiveness of training technology. She has over 17 years of research experience, with a focus on the use of emerging technologies for training and assessment. She holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology from the University of Georgia. Her research has been featured in the New York Times, Signal Magazine, Soldier Magazine, and the Pentagon Channel. Jennifer is an active member of the Orlando simulation training community and is a member of the National Simulation Center and National Defense Industrial Association. She supports I/ITSEC on the Emerging Concepts and Innovative Technologies subcommittee.

Alec Romine is a SETA contractor with the ADL Initiative in the Orlando, Florida Research Park office. He specializes in web technologies, distributed services, and DevSecOps automation.

Hunter Smith is a Software Engineer and SETA Contractor for the ADL Initiative. Mr. Smith specializes in education and training specifications and standards, DevSecOps automation, game engine scripting, and web technologies.

Contact: If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact the Technical Webinar Coordinator, Liz Bradley, at

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